SrimathE rAmAnujAya Nama:
vandhE GuruparamparAm

   An imaginary journey of MukhtAthmAs in SamsAra world

"Vaikundham pukuvadhu maNNavar vidhiyE" - NammAzhwar says in his ThiruvAimozhi 10.9.8. Our AchAryas explain here that, whenever a jIvAthmA reaches paramapadham, every one in paramapdham is very happy to receive them. The existing residents of paramapadham invite the jIvAthmA to visit their residences and accept their hospitality. Here "Vidhi" means "bAghyam" as per amarakOsham. As per ThirumangaiAzhwAr, "yErAr muyal vittu kAkkai pin pOvadhEn", Nithyasooris tell the newly arriving jIvAthmA "While we ourselves are planning to go to leelA vibhUthi to enjoy archAvathAra emperumAn, you have arrived here, It is our great fortune and blessing to receive you here".

In this world, we should all constantly long to reach paramapdham. To have such longing, one should experience such blissful environment here itself by serving bhagavAn and bhAgavathas. To have such blessed life of service to bhagavAn and bhAgavathas, one should have the initial divine grace of bhagavAn when he/she was in the womb itself - such grace will give sathva guNam (goodness). From this sathva gunam, we will reach baghavat adiyars and will reach an authentic AchAryan to gain the knowledge. The Authentic AchArya will link us to Swami Ramanujar's lotus feet, who is the only refugee to make us paramapadham at the earliest in this lifetime.

We can enjoy all these above anubhavam through a fun game where we can also learn and practice the same in our life. This fun learning can be done with other adiyars by sharing the dice, time and thoughts. Sharing with adiyars is the half way to paramapadham. With this sharing, we can know how a Srivaishnava Life Cycle will be and playing this kind of fun games with other devotees, will reduce involvement in other worldly things, which will be more helpful to reach our primary goal of paramapadham.

Curretly the game is available in English, Tamil and Hindi. Soon we planned to release in Telugu.

Cover , Board and Coins

Let us know the persons behind the creation of this Srimaan Paramapadha Yathra. Smt. Vijayavalli Ammangar, who created the drawings and with his husbant Shri. Sridharan Swami made confident to complete the Game. Shri. Raghuraman Swami, Smt. Aruna Ammangar who gave support by checking the game in the initial stage and forming the rules and description. Shri. Sarathy Thothathri Swami and Ilaiyavilli Srivatsan Swami who proofed the content. Mr. Nathan who restructered the Game to become a Board Game with M/s. Uthama Guru Printers. Tamil version rules and description translated by Smt. Andal Ammangar. Hindi version translated by Shri. Shriram Malpani Swami and Telugu version from Shri. Raghu Vamsi Swami soon with translation. We thank all of them behind the development and release of the Game.

Divine Experience

Our great experience is 4 year old our son Yaamunan by expecting the first copy to know and play the game with the first copy. He who enjoys each game very first time, while we entering with the first copy. He who eagerly waiting for each game after hearing our complete chat on each and every progress of making the Game. Sometimes he used ask the printer itself when the game will be ready. He who plays on his own by throwing the dice and moving on each boxes. He prefers to get down in the game always especially from the down arrow (snake) from 106 box, so that he can play the game more.