SrimathE rAmAnujAya Nama:
vandhE GuruparamparAm

   Find the AchArya to chant his Thaniyan

Srimaan Identify AchArya Game is an unique game, where 5 folded chits are used to play the game. The main aim of the game is to think about the AchArya (Guru ParamparA) as a group and chant his divine Thaniyan.

We got an idea from which implemented the same with some technical points with RNR Printers for ease and secured play, as it has small covers, which was hard to make and paste the same. The Game was proofed by Shri. RaghurAman SwAmi to get the complete structure.

The points to be noted while playing the game:

  1. No wet hands to be used while playing, as the small covers will got damaged on water mixture.
  2. The small chits and cover should be handled safely else both get damage and will show some identification moark, which will after the play of game.
  3. As the Cover of Chits are small, the making of the Cover was hard and it has white portion on some of the covers in the Games. It may be sometimes identification marks in the covers, to avoid this an orange sketch can be used to highlight the white portion, which will be look like the color in thecover.
  4. We have provided 2 sets of Chits and 12 Covers, where additional set and additional covers can be used on damage of Chits or Covers.
  5. The folded Chits can also be played without cover, if the inner contents are not vissible at the time of play.