SrimathE rAmAnujAya Nama:
vandhE GuruparamparAm

   Play and Learn Spiritually

Srimaan InfoTech has introduced sampradaya playing cards called 'Srimaan Card Game©', a set of 108 cards, aimed at evoking spirituality and at the same time keeping the players engaged. The cards are designed primarily keeping children in mind. Children these days have umpteen distractions that keep them away from spiritual pursuits. Wishing to get over this and to tackle the children in their own way, this card Game has been created.

The game would benefit the whole of your family in the following ways:

  1. Gain mastery :

    1. Knowledge of each DhivyadhEsam.
    2. Name(s) of PerumAL and ThAyAr.
    3. The total number of pAsurams for a dhivyadhEsam.
    4. The chapter (pathu) and padhigam in which it features.
    5. The AzhwArs who have sung for the dhivyadhEsam.
    6. Area, Posture, Direction of each divyadhEsam and PerumAL.
  2. Cleanse the minds of the players since every throw of card would make them chant the name of the divya desam and emperumaan.
  3. Brings joy to SrimanNarAyaNan - whenever any one chants his name with or without true devotion, bhagavAn becomes happy and blesses the person.
  4. Have the divine dharshan of each divya desa perumal each time the card is used.
  5. The environment would be kept pure and pious where the name of DhivyadhEsams and the PerumALs of those DhivyadhEsams keeps reverberating.

The set of cards can also be used as Flash cards for Children. For yathrikas, who can carry the set of cards and think/mark about each divyadesam.

Pamphlet - Description of Cards1 , Description of Cards2 - How to Play1 , How to Play2

Behind the Scene...

Let us know the persons behind the creation of this Srimaan Card Game©. First Shri. U. Ve. Parasara Badri Narayanan Bhattar Swami who encouraged to start creating this Game. Shri. U. Ve. P. B. Sampath Kumar Swami (now Vadhikesari Azhagiya Manavala Jeeyar, who gave a book that used for collecting the information on 108 Divyadesams. Shri. Sarathy Swami, Shri. Raghuraman Swami, Smt. Aruna Ammangar, Shri. Badri Narayanan Swami, Smt. Vijaya Ammangar, Shri. Srivatsan Swami who all are helped by giving suggestions/proofing the details. Sri. U. Ve. Veeraraghavan (Suresh) Swami's students who were played in initial stage and gave the enthushiastic feedbacks (Photos). Thanks for Smt. Girija Seshadri, who ordered bulk quantities for school her students. Also some of the others who helped to distribute individual/bulk copies to other adiyars. M/s. Uthama Guru Offset Printers who realy support on quality and timely despatch of the Game. We thank all of them behind the development and release of the Game.

Divine Experience

It was an interesting experience that only the emperuman himself with his causeless mercy made this much devloped like a child grows as a matured man. Very first we have made only copy as model, where later it was grown up by 5, 25, 50, 150 and in thousands of copies. We have made around 7 version to improve the content, quality and size with package based on feedbacks. We are very much happy after a child named "Srikar" who memorized all the details and even he will answer/question which we also donot know. Currently we have got Copyrights for the game, so that no one can duplicate the game. Thanks for Advocate Mr. Sathish and Shri. P. B. Balaji who helped us to get the Copyright.

Who and How the Game can be used...

The benefit of the Game can be enjoyed by each and everyone through:

  1. Children less than 2 years, it can be used as flash cards.
  2. After 2 to 5 years, names can be spelled for children to become literate on all divyadesams/azhwars. Children themself will start distributing in the floor and start pronouncing the perumal thayar names known by them.
  3. Later 5 years, can be played with or without the guidence of elder person.
  4. Used for Quiz, by asking details as queastion/answer on each divyadesams.
  5. Carried for yathras and notes can be taken on each divyadesam.
  6. Given as gifts/prizes to others on auspicious occasion like birthdays, upanayanams, marriages/competitions.
  7. This can be played irrespective of Age, Sex and other catagories, where only aim is to spend time in a good way.