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Sri: SrimathE rAmAnujAya Nama:

   Crossword - Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam

Instructions :

  1. Colored boxes are starting of Answers, where the questions can be seen on placing mouse cursor on the top.
  2. Black boxes are disabled empty boxes with no letters to fill.
  3. White boxes are to be filled with characters to complete the answer.
  4. Click the colored box to fill the same with letters and select direction ("Left to Right", "Top to Bottom" and others) for auto movement of cursor to next letter of the answer.
  5. Kindly use "aa" for bigger sound of a, the whole answers non-case sensitive.

 1. Treassure of Piraatti [8] 
 2. One who directly comes and punishes Ravana like Demons [10] 
 3. One who is having superstetious power [5] 
 4. One who spread in all the places [6] 

 5. One who gave the name Sri: to Piratti [8] 
 6. One who gives result via Indra like deva to the person who looks kamya palam [6] 
 7. One who is bright in all the places [4] 
 8. One who having akdikadana quality [5] 

 9. One who controls all as antharyami [6] 
 10. One who saves the whole universe [6] 

 11. Devas like Brahma were also not able to identify HIM as Swami [6] 
 12. One who is the holder of Nakshatra Mandalam [10] 
 13. One who gives better results, where who is having completely the all results with HIM [5]