Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

With the divine grace of AchAryAs, AzhwArs, PirAttis, emperumAn and with the divine support of their adiyars, we are maintaining this website. Let us hope that the adiyars will get benefit through this website/our products and will make happy to all above mentioned.

What is Srimaan?

Srimaan means one who has wealth. Yes, we are having wealth of serving the adiyars on various mode, which can be understood by browsing our website that lists the activities we are engaged in.

Who are we?

We are adiyars of emperumAn and his (his) adiyars, born to do service for them. We are small group join to serve for the almighty and his (his) devotees.

What service we do?

Our motto is to present information to adiyars, from which they can know, recollect, spend time and share the same to other devotees in our Emperumanar Dharisanam through various modes, so that each of them can choose their own way to learn, recollect and enjoy the matters in our sath sampradayam. Our focus is to convey the information on our sampradaya via various modes, so that each devotee will choose their mode based on their convenience.

We are helping the other service oriented groups to our ability.

We Welcome !!!

We welcome other Srivaishnava adiyars to join with us to enlarge information storage from various works of our elders through various channel.

Article on our Products

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Join Us !!!

Kindly register in Srimaan Time Pass (coming soon) and become as a member for more fun learning with good time pass on Samparadayam.

Our request

Our kind request is to spread these information betweent other devotees of our beloved Lord Sriman Narayana and JagadhachAryA Ramanuja by gifting the products and passing the details. From this all adiyars will have divine bliss/experience on all the time, which is our real form. Also we request good hearted adiyars to order for bulk copies for children/adiyars for the benefit of all and get the divine blessings of the divine couple.

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Spending spirtual time in computer is Madhyamam. Spending time spiritually with AchAryan/sAdhus is Higher.

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